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Make a Lasting Impact! Join Our Monthly Giving Program

Join Us in Building a Brighter Future for Our Community

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Provide Sustainable Support for JPP Families

Your monthly or bi-monthly donation allows us to take a planned, long-term approach, assuring a stable source of funding so there are no gaps in service. As a monthly contributor, you help us create long-lasting change in the lives of the families we serve.

Here are some ways the funds may be allocated:

  • Education and Career Development: The funds raised can be allocated towards educational resources and career development opportunities for JPP families. This may include scholarships, vocational training programs, GED support, or assistance with pursuing higher education. By investing in education and skill development, the funds can help families improve their employment prospects and achieve economic stability.
  • Basic Needs Assistance: Provide emergency financial assistance or support for basic needs such as housing, utilities, food, and healthcare. By addressing these immediate needs, the funds can help alleviate financial stress and create a more stable foundation for families to focus on their long-term goals.
  • Support Services: Additional funds can be allocated to enhance support services for JPP families. This may include counseling, case management, transportation assistance, or access to community resources. By providing comprehensive support, the funds can address the diverse needs and challenges faced by JPP families, helping them overcome barriers and achieve self-sufficiency.
  • Program Expansion and Outreach: Some funds may be utilized to expand the reach of JPP and increase its impact within the community. This could involve outreach efforts to identify and engage more families who can benefit from the program's services. By expanding the program's reach, the funds can help more families access the support they need to thrive.

Your recurring monthly donation ensures we have a steady and reliable source of funding to sustain our programs and initiatives. Together, we can make a difference every single month.

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